About Me


I have used the experiences from my 16 year career in the design and technology industry to successfully coach friends, co-workers and other acquaintances into landing better jobs.

All of this has been condensed into my book The No-Nonsense Approach To Landing A Job.

In addition to this book, I'm now offering the same coaching services in the areas of resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and helping you to break down the whole job search process into more manageable pieces.

My No-Nonsense process will get you to your end goal of landing a job with less headaches and in a shorter amount of time.


Mid Career, Career Changing, College/New Grads

Companies I've Worked At

How I Started

I graduated college in New York City with a design degree. Like most recent graduates, I was sending out my resume and portfolio to every company in the NYC area but wasn't getting any responses back.

It was frustrating not getting responses back, even for unpaid internships. So I went to networking events with people in the same industry and I was constantly updating my resume and portfolio based on feedback from peers.

Eventually, I managed to land a job with the help of the college job search office. I worked with a company doing mainly print work and a minor amount of design work, but ultimately it wasn't a place where I could utilize all my design skills.

So I started my own company and offered full website development services — from design all the way to a finished site.

Shortly after I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, where there was greater demand for developers, and the rest is history.