The No-Nonsense Approach to Landing a Job

Dedicated to helping recent college graduates in the design and tech industries close the gap in terms of landing a job.

Hi, I'm Dion

I have used the experiences from my 16 year career in the design and technology industry to successfully coach friends, co-workers and other acquaintances into landing better jobs.

All of this has been condensed into my book The No-Nonsense Approach To Landing A Job.

In addition to this book, I'm now offering the same coaching services in the areas of resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and helping you to break down the whole job search process into more manageable pieces.

My No-Nonsense process will get you to your end goal of landing a job with less headaches and in a shorter amount of time.

I’ve also written a book on the No-Nonsense Approach to Landing a Job

What does the book cover? The book is split into three main parts:


“I moved out of a not-so-challenging position to a more exciting job where I get to take on more exciting challenges”
“I was able to pursue my dream of being a digital nomad through searching for remote job opportunities that allowed me to work from home”
“I’m currently working at a new company that is more stimulating and will help me for my career”
“I left my dead-end job and moved to a company where I’m getting to learn new skills that will help my career in the long run”